2018 元智大學印尼國際志工團元夢有尼

The first day of the service, the opening ceremony was held. We invited all the kids of three classes to meet with us and played ice-breaking games to know each other quickly.
Through the time capsule, kids write their letter to their future self and put it into the glass bottle. We will bring it back to KDM by the next Indonesian International Volunteer from YZU.
We hope to inspire kids desire to learn computer by designing relevant information courses while cultivating the basic skills of using the computer.
In these days﹐we sweated and left our smile. Hoping to sow the seeds of hope, sprout and spread in all the KDM kids heart. 
Information education is a more professional course and some younger students’ English not so well. By this plan, it’s easier to reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching. 
Therefore, we teach the older and quick learned students first, so they can help us to teach younger students. Furthermore, we give the teaching materials to the students who participated in the teaching assistant, hoping to construct a system of continuous service in KDM to cultivate more outstanding students.