2023 國立成功大學新加坡樂齡服務計畫團


長者在我們的活動中,得以認識台灣 - 福爾摩沙,從地質景觀、文化內涵,乃至最珍貴的人文風情,不再只是輾轉從電視新聞中認識,而是更生動的在面前互動;另同時我們也結合資訊教育、腦力激盪、手繪剪貼、手搓愛玉、手做拼豆等,一系列融入「動」與「靜」,並加入競賽元素,讓長者增進互動感,夢回青春。
Planning Progress
In the early months of 2023, a group of 14 students hailing from diverse regions of Taiwan and pursuing various academic disciplines, all sharing a common ideal, converged harmoniously to the Service Learning Student Union(SLSU) of National Cheng Kung University(NCKU). After six months of concerted preparations, in the middle of July, they collective embarked upon a journey to Singapore to undertake an initiative centered around elderly service.
Throughout our service, in the face of each activity and with each participant, we dedicated ourselves entirely. In the wake of heartfelt feedback from the seniors, a sentiment of warmth and joy permeated their engagement, akin to the presence of one's own offspring. This underscores the notion that acts of kindness are best undertaken with subtlety, while attentive listening and sincere companionship, expressed without ostentation, prove most apt. The vertical senior community model in Singapore seamlessly integrates sustenance, attire, dwelling, mobility, education, and leisure, supplemented by medical establishments. This creates a safe and convenient living environment for the elderly, while concurrently enticing the younger generation to return home, fostering reunions with the elder members of their families. The Singaporean government, through the provision of smart timepieces to the elderly at no charge, encourages outdoor ambulation, enhancing physical and mental well-being. Achieving predetermined step goals leads to corresponding rewards. Moreover, private gerontological centers in Singapore organize a plethora of perpetually youthful activities and regularly distribute charitable necessities to elderly individuals living alone or in vulnerable circumstances within the community.
Service Benefit

In our activities, the elderly have the opportunity to get to know Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, in a much more vibrant way than simply through television news. They can explore its geological landscapes, cultural richness, and even its most precious human experiences up close through interactive experiences. Additionally, we combine information education, mental stimulation, hands-on art and craft activities, traditional handmade dessert making, and even competitive elements to incorporate both active and passive aspects, enhancing the seniors' sense of interaction and allowing them to reminisce about their youth.


Future Prospects

Through this overseas service-learning experience, we have gained profound insights into the matter of gerontology. After engaging in profound dialogues with Singaporean gerontological institutions and local university service teams, we have drawn sustenance from these interactions and have uncovered our own strengths through the feedback received. The culmination of this project marks both an end and a beginning. We shall persist in our service to the elderly within Taiwanese communities, while also ardently anticipating the opportunity to once again traverse the seas and stand in unity with nations confronting similar gerontological challenges.