2023 實踐大學泰北蒙恩學校在地深耕服務計畫

這次將華碩再生筆電帶到泰國蒙恩學校,教導偏遠地區的孩童及成年人,不僅僅是為了傳遞電腦知識,更是為了激發他們的無限潛能,讓他們在未來的道路上能夠充滿信心地邁進。對於孩子們來說,掌握電腦知識是一扇通向廣闊世界的門。孩子們將能與信息時代接軌,利用互聯網的便利獲取知識、拓寬視野。而對於成年人而言,掌握電腦知識同樣具有重要意義。他們可以通過網路學習新知識、利用excel 記帳,甚至剪輯影片上傳到youtube,實現創業夢想,這些新興領域都為他們打開了全新的機會之門。我們看到蒙恩學校的孩子們在電腦知識的啟迪下,面帶笑容地積極參與和學習,為未來的挑戰做好準備;成年人也逐漸認識到技術的力量將改變他們的生活,更加激發他們學習電腦的動力。未來,期待看到這些學子們在各個領域中大放異彩,無論他們從事哪個領域,都可以運用所掌握的電腦知識,引領未來的進程。
Planning Progress
In June 2019, the Department of Social Work in Shih Chien University,led by Professor 石泱, organized a team of students to provide service work at the mercy house in Northern Thailand.Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the department temporarily suspended many opportunities for overseas exchange and service.In 2023, as the pandemic situation improved, the department dispatched four sophomore students to engage in service work, aiming to broaden students'international perspectives and facilitate a better understanding of their interests for future internship placements in their junior year. Furthermore,this initiative aims to enhance the childrens’awareness of computer information technology and digital skills at the mercy house.
Service Benefit
The department has applied for eight refurbished laptops from the ASUS Education Foundation. The planned departure date is  from July 3rd to July 14th, following the school's Sunday church activities on July 1st and 2nd. The team will return to Taiwan on July 15th. The primary objective of this project is to improve the digital technology proficiency of the students at Mae Fah Luang School.Each class is expected to benefit around 12 children,divided into different grade levels, targeting approximately 30 children in total from both lower and upper grades.The initiative is expected to benefit a total of 300 individuals throughout its course.
Future Prospects
Bringing refurbished ASUS laptops to the Mongkolnimit School in Thailand, we aim to educate children and adults in remote areas. Our purpose goes beyond imparting computer knowledge; it's about igniting their boundless potential and instilling confidence for their future endeavors. For these children, mastering computer skills opens a gateway to a broader world. They'll be equipped to embrace the digital age, harness the internet's convenience for knowledge acquisition, and broaden their horizons. Similarly, computer literacy holds profound significance for adults. They can learn new skills online, manage finances with Excel, or even edit videos for YouTube, turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality. These emerging fields present fresh opportunities. Observing the children at Mongkolnimit School eagerly engage in computer knowledge with smiles on their faces prepares them for future challenges. Adults are also realizing that technology's power can transform their lives, fueling their motivation to learn computing skills. In the future, we anticipate these students excelling in various domains. Regardless of their chosen path, they'll leverage their computer expertise to steer the course of the future.