2023 元智大學泰想和你創造新世紀

Planning Progress
This service is centered around the concept of "3+1," comprising three core thematic courses and one special activity. During the day, we assist various classes in organizing an English singing competition, utilizing English songs to help students learn grammar and vocabulary. The target audience spans from first graders to twelfth graders. After school hours, we offer extracurricular classes in the subjects of Chinese literature and arts, chemistry experiments, and information technology. By presenting different themed courses each day, interested students have the opportunity to participate, enabling them to acquire new knowledge while exploring their own interests and further developing their talents.
Service Benefit
Based on post-session surveys, each program received highly favorable feedback, with an exceptional satisfaction rate of 70.8%. Recognizing local technological limitations, ASUS generously contributed 10 remanufactured computers that cater to both student needs and facilitate our teaching efforts. This initiative is poised to enhance the learning environment and resources, fostering greater student engagement. Survey data also indicated increased student interest in the subject after participating in the course, highlighting the program's dual impact in imparting knowledge and igniting a thirst for learning and future exploration. These factors will continue to drive their ongoing learning and growth, serving as a crucial element for the program's lasting impact.
Future Prospects
In addition to our educational services, the service team also visited rural elementary schools in mountainous areas, leaving a profound impact on us. Upon our return, we aspire not only to sustain and deepen our program within the local community but also to extend its influence further afield. We aim to expand the reach of our service, providing opportunities for more students in remote areas to access new learning experiences. Through our efforts, we hope to light corners of the world and make a difference.